About Us

Welcome To Akhila Consulting (ACG)

Revolutionizing In The Quest For Managing Business Operations Through Sap Solutions

Akhila Consulting is a boutique consulting firm specialized in the SAP technology platform. With about 60 years of combined industry experience in SAP technology, we provide value-driven services ensuring continuous success for our clients.

Whether you’re an already established business, local business company, or a start-up; our well-curated technological solutions are designed to equip your business with a competitive edge. We are dedicated to delivering customized and flexible SAP solutions that use next-gen technologies to ensure your business stays one step ahead of the existing competition.


To be an expert service provider of SAP Technical Solutions for all industries applications and platforms and helping to achieve their objectives- by delivering matchless service, unceasing improvement, and constant innovation.


To focus on quality and delivery excellence in SAP Technical Solutions

Who is Akhila Consulting?
ACG is a boutique consulting firm expertise in SAP technical platform.

Solution Architecture
Specialized in running SAP in Multiple Cloud platform
60 years of combined SAP experience

Who We Are?

We are a leading service provider of state-of-the-art SAP Technical Solutions

Our dedicated and ingenious team members help you reach summits by delivering best-in-class SAP Technical solutions. ACG not only focuses on what’s important for today but also concentrates on the elements that can make the future better.

We believe it is the “today” that will transform our “tomorrow”. And hence, we try to learn and acquire as many things in the current times without delaying it for later- this is what makes us the best SAP technical provider.

We Bring Everything In Motion For You!

Why Choose us?

We Plan forthe Future

Our solutions are long-standing and aimed to grow with your business. Our team can align with your deliberated plan.

We’re all about our Clients

Our customers are our ultimate priority.  We provide them with advanced, flexible, and scalable solutions.

We provide Comprehensive Support

From basic questions to more complex inquiries of our clients, we have the necessary skills to provide accurate answers and resolutions promptly.

We are flexible

We believe one solution doesn’t fit for all and thus provides tailor-made services to our clients thatexactly meet their particular business needs.