Stay a Step Ahead By Making a Smart Business Move With a Cloud Computing Platform

Cloud computing platforms have revolutionized the ways how businesses function.  We at Akhila Consulting Group are constantly acquiring next-generation technologies to ensure that our clients get the best and latest of everything.

We fulfill our clients’ Cloud Migration needs by helping them move from any private cloud to world-class cloud computing platforms without system downtime and security issues.

We support target platforms such as On-Premise, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Hybrid Solutions.

Our Solution Spectrum

Here’s a sneak peek into the multitude of Cloud-Computing Platforms which we support

Microsoft Azure

Akhila Consulting Group offers state-of-the-art Microsoft Azure cloud migration solutions to small, medium, and big sized businesses. With a huge percentage of businesses now settling on the cloud, Azure can help you lessen your IT expenses while offering improved system performance and ease of management.

So choose us today as our technical proficiency that balances Azure’s inherent resiliency, providing you with a robust data recovery process, to ensure business stability without any business downtime.

Amazon Web Services

AWS's cloud storage system is undoubtedly a boon to business owners. Its machine learning algorithms give business owners access to some of the most leading-edge technology available.

However, the organizations migrating to AWS require expertise and advanced tools. At Akhila Consulting Group, we use our sure-shot methods to help reduce risk as you take this perilous step into the cloud.

Our ingenious experts and management tools help secure your business data for compliance.

Google Cloud

Affordable and clear-cut cloud computing services, comprehensive security features to prevent data theft/loss, and intuitive look and feel are some of the key characteristics of Google Cloud that make it worthwhile for business owners.

Whether your business is in its early phase or on its way to digital transformation, we can help you migrate to Google Cloud and find the right path to success.

We have comprehensive know-how and vast experience to ensure your business a hassle-free transition to the Google Cloud.

Hybrid Solutions

If your business has unique business goals for which you require the services of public cloud, private clouds, or on-premise resources, then try Hybrid Solutions.

By using this, you will get a mixed environment comprising of on-premise infrastructure, private cloud services, and the public cloud such as Amazon Web Serves (AWS), Google Cloud, Rackspace, or Microsoft Azure with inter-operability between the different environments.


Some organizations are mandated by regulations to run their systems on-premise, or you might still have a big hardware investment that needs to be used to its maximum potential.

Thus, due to the changing business needs, it is possible that Cloud computing that had been a wise and prolific idea at some time for your business isn’t giving you favorable outcomes now. So, if you need to get back to your systems, Akila Consulting Group can help!

We will accomplish your migration tasks with the help of powerful and automated tools and methodologies.


There are many potential benefits when business owners choose to migrate to Rackspace. It provides hybrid cloud-based services that enable businesses to move their workload in a public or private cloud. The Rackspace Cloud is a set of cloud computing products and services billed on a utility computing basis from the US-based company Rackspace.

At Akhila Consulting Group, our experts have the proficiency to transfer complex workloads efficiently and effectively. Besides this, we work according to a customized migration strategy focused on best practices and designed specifically for our clients’ needs.